Log Out of App on All Devices


Anyone know how to log everyone out of their app on the phone? My kids recently moved out and no longer need to access our Ring activity. I changed the password but that did not seem to work. We are all logged in under one user unfortunately. TIA!

Good question @nutellaisgood! There is much you can do to keep your account secure, including two-factor authentication, which notifies you of login attempts. Check out our help center article with tips and tricks you can use to optimize this experience.

As we value your security and privacy, this would be best resolved with our support team, who will be happy to assist! :slight_smile:

Changing the password for your account will force your account to be logged out of all devices that are signed into your account. If you wish the re-use the same password (instead of this new one that you just changed), just change it back.

Where do I log out.

Hi @DanRS, happy to chime in here. If you’re simply trying to sign out of the Ring App, tap the three blue lines at the top left > tap Account > scroll down and tap Sign Out. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: