Local Access to video stream

This is not a new question I know but I haven’t seen even the slightest attempt at an answer so I’ll ask it again.

Limits to how long you can watch 'Live view ’ for render it not fit for purpose, my idea of a live view means viewing 24/7 if desired, whilst I accept that this is impractical with a cloud based system I fail to see why an RTSP stream cannot be made available on the local network for viewing on a streaming app such as (e.g) VLC Media Player.
So my question is simply, when can we expect this to be implemented (sensible answers only please :wink:)

Hi @user51203. As mentioned in the meany other threads about RTSP, this is not a feature is Ring has. There is no plan for this on the Roadmap of Ring features. There is currently a 10 minute timeout for Live View and at the end of those 10 minutes, you are prompted to reconnect to Live View if you so desire.

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