Live views locked up on multiple devices

I have 2 Ring cameras (door bell, flood cam + a chime pro). Starting 8/10 the driveway cam froze up on the dashboard on both my laptop and android phone. My wife’s iphone still shows the driveway live. The door bell is showing live all the time. If I open the flood I can go live but returning to the home screen there is nothing. I deleted the app, re-installed and now instead of a frozen picture I have a image of a floodlight cam (attached). The laptop is not refreshing on the drivway either but again I can hit live view and it pops right up. I get alerts, cam is on line, not internet connection issue…What is going on?

Hey @FireMark. This usually happens when the unit has failed to update its firmware. Once the firmware updates, you’ll begin seeing images in your Camera previews, and firmware updates happen automatically. Since you can still access the Live View, there may be a hiccup in the recent firmware update. You can see if you can re-do this by pressing and holding the setup button on the top of the Floodlight Cam for 30 seconds, and then following the steps in this Help Center Article here for reconnecting your device under the Device Health section. Let me know if this helps!