Live viewing on hardwired camera without recording

Is it possible for you guys just to let it run so we can view what’s going on without recording it and when you see something happening like a car person then you record that but just let it go for the other stuff so we can constantly see what’s going on and not have to touch the screen that’s so annoying and one of the main reasons I’m gonna change if you don’t change. Please make it continuous you don’t have to make it continuous recording. Keep that the same just make it available that we can see the whole time without having to touch the screen truly truly annoying and I don’t see why it needs to be that way Nest doesn’t do that it only records when it sees cars and people etc., but I like the way yours operates better than Nest and you have a better picture, but having to touch a screen every 10 minutes is a real pain in the butt

Hi @user79976. At this time, nonstop Live View is not available. Other neighbors have requested this capability before, which you can find here in our Feature Request board. You can add your feedback and vote to that request.