Live View

Keep getting a message stating that the Live View could not connect. But when i check the history the recording is listed and shows. why does the live view not show immediately when i try to activate it.

Hi @maybell56. The Live View could be not showing for a few reasons, but since you are having your videos be recorded still, it’s probably based off of the connection on your device. For this, it could be because you’re connected to a work wifi that is restricting you from seeing a live stream or that is not fast enough to load the video.

You can verify this by turning off the wifi on your phone, and using your mobile data only. In contrary, your mobile data could be limited right now, which results in the video not pulling up. In this case, you will want to turn on wifi and not use mobile data to see if you can load the Live View.

Lastly, test this when you are on your home wifi. If you can see the Live View when you are at home, then the connection when you are out and about could be the reason for the Live View not loading.