Live view

My live view is not working. Was working fine then one day last week just stopped. I can hear whatever just cannot see anything in live view. Have reset everything and re paired them together. Nothing seems to work

Hey @Weeks149. Since you’ve already reset your devices and re-setup them up, have you also attempted to reboot your router? Sometimes it can be related to the RSSI for your device as well. Please check out this Community post here to learn more about RSSI and see if this fits with your concern. If you can, please attach a screenshot of your device health page so the rest of the Community can help further! Please make sure to block out any personal device info such as the MAC ID that you would not like shared publicly.

Already reset that as well.

I’ve already done that as well. It will let me pull up the live view but it never loads. I can close out and go back to events and it will show but not in live view.

I have the same problen. Great signal, doorbell rings and alerts work but live view doesn’t. Works fine on my backyard floodlight camera.


I have the same problem. Started about a week ago. Before that live view worked fine

Same issue. Any resolution?

I was having the same problem with my doorbell camera when trying Live View with both my Cell phone and Computers but when I tried very early yesterday morning it worked and has continued to work as of this date and time.

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