Live View - Works on Cell Data, Not Wifi

Hi - I have a Ring Video Doorbell 2 and a Ring Stick Up Cam (Wired) . While I’m at work (and where I have full wifi service on my phone), when I try to access Live View for both, the app immediately says “Couldn’t open Live View. Please try again.” However, when I go outside (I have bad data service inside in my office) and turn off wifi, I see Live View fine. How come Live View won’t work when I’m on wifi in my office?

Thanks very much for your help

Is it only the wifi at your office? Works fine on wifi elsewhere? Then maybe your office is blocking incomming videos to keep everyone productive.

The only other place I’ve tried it on WiFi recently is at home, and it does work while I’m on Wifi at home. I can check with my office IT administrator. Have you heard of this problem happening for others?

My job blocks video. I use a VPN to get around that. Now it works fine. At home, you may have a setting on your router blocking you.

Got it. That might be happening here. I’ve asked my IT group. It works fine when I’m on wifi at home. Do you use a VPN solely to see the Live View while at work? How do you do that?

I use Nord VPN. I turn it on while I’m at work. It makes the office Wi-Fi think I’m just going to a nothing site that isn’t blocked. Once it’s on, I can see all my Ring cams, other exterior cams and of course various blocked sites. I also use it at home when needed to get around region locked issues. All my coworkers use it to. Now then can see their cams too.

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Great, thank you. It turns out my office is likely blocking the incoming video. They’ll get back to me for confirmation.

I have a similar problem, but in my case, the WiFi at HOME doesn’t work, only cellular. When i try to see the Live View on my iPhone, i get the error message, but if i turn off WiFi, then i get the Live View.

How would I search for whatever is blocking the Live View on my WiFi at home?

I have the same problem… no Live View on WiFi at home or at work (haven’t tried it elsewhere). I’ll investigate the VPN solution for when I’m away from home… but what setting on my router do I need to change to allow Ring video? Strangely enough, I can see other video at home on WiFi, no problem (especially since we’re cord-cutters and use streaming to watch TV). Is there a special setting just for Ring video?

Update: I just tried wifi with my computer as a hotspot… same problem, no video. I’m now convinced its a problem with the app software on my phone. Note I have version 3.21.0 loaded on the phone, which is the latest version… this sucks…

Had a similar problem - Figured it out - had to open a ports on my cable modem and now the live stream works - opened up TCP 15063-15064 - hope this helps others that might have this problem!!!

We had the same issue. Tried troubleshooting directly with Ring - couldn’t figure it out. We use a smaller internet company, and we’re pretty sure we were assigned a blacklisted IP address. As soon as we restarted the modem, and rebooted to a new IP, Ring started working on wifi.

Get a new IP address!