Live view - works on Android, not on IOS phone, same network, IOS works on mobile data

I am having issues with Live View. One of my devices gets stuck on the Activating Device step; the other device works fine.

Ring Doorbell 1

  • RSSI - 55
  • Status: Online
  • Battery 100%
  • Ring System Status: All Systems Operational
  • Firmware: Up to Date

Phone 1

  • OnePlus 7T (Android)
  • Works fine! Slight delay when activating.

Phone 2

  • IPhone 11 Pro
  • On Wifi the app activates the Doorbell, but the phone never makes it past Activating Device; can confirm the Doorbell is turning on as I can see the infrared lights turn on and hear an audible click. Can’t see the Live View.
  • App is up to date
  • Phone is on the exact same network as the OnePlus 7T
  • Live View works on mobile/cellular data only ; suggests router/ports are the issue but the Android phone is on the exact same network and works fine!


Do OnePlus or Android phones fall back to mobile data automatically or something? The IPhone sounds like classic port blocking issues, but the Android is on the same network…

Hi @PharmacyBrain. Thank you for that detailed information. One test that you can try to perform is to completely shut off cellular data and try connecting via wifi only. Most phones do have a setting that will cause them to switch to cellular data if wifi connection detects an issue. You can also try downloading our Rapid Ring app. It’s an app that we use for just Live View, and it is typically much faster to load. Lastly, check out this Community Article here that has some great tips and tricks for Live View issues. I hope this helps!