Live View won't connect on mobile

I have a ring door bell 2 all installed OK,
But have isse with live view on my mobile, the WiFi router is right next to the door bell and all works fine when home got a minus 55 signal strength, when home live view loads on my android instantly, but when away from the home it won’t load saying could connect and if someone rings door bell can’t answer as won’t connect, but will show me after they have left, my WiFi runs at 72mbps and my mobile data at 64mbps so no issues with speeds, I’ve reset the WiFi and installed the other ring app still no joy, when my.wife leaves the house she can access live view no problem she has I phone, my phone is samsung galaxy s20 ultra so why is my live view not loading when away from home and not letting answer calls when people arrive, it did work the frist day I installed it now won’t connect unless I’m home don’t make sense Need help

Hi @chatterbox2021. Since the Live View works when you’re at home and connected to your home wifi network, but not when you’re away and connected to data, it sounds like it could be a problem with the data specifically on your phone. Especially since the Live View loads on your wife’s phone without issue as well. I would maybe double-check with your cell phone carrier that your data plan is all in order. Also, if you have any VPNs, make sure those are disabled when using the Ring App as that can impact the performance as well. :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with my data I have unlimited and now my data speed it’s running on 5G and speeds or 100mbps but still can’t get live view , also I have no VPN on my phone

Hi @chatterbox2021. Check out this Community post here, where a neighbor was able to adjust some settings and get their Live View to work. I would also check this Help Center article here to see if you have any apps that are in conflict with the Ring app. I hope this Helps!

If you cannot connect to perform a live view, the first thing you can test is the link between your phone and the internet . Suppose your phone is not receiving a powerful signal. In that case, configure your mobile device’s settings to improve your Wi-Fi connection. … You can find this in your device’s internet settings.