Live view won't connect more often than not

Hi, new Ring user here and new to the community too.

I have been having trouble with the connectivity of my new ring cameras since I bought them so am looking for some help. More often than not (maybe 4 times out of every 5 that I try) when I look to access the live view on my cameras, I get the “…can’t connect. Check the Wi-Fi connection at your location, then try again” message.

One of my cameras is in the same room as the router (circa 5m away) with a direct line of sight. The device health is usually RSSI-mid 40s but even though it is ‘green’ it still struggles to connect. The router is out in the open, i.e. not behind a closet or a bookshelf. It is beside my computer though. Could that be the issue? Although my wifi is perfect for every other device I use and I can access devices upstairs, and downstairs and outside in the garden, sometimes up to 20m away.

I thought a chime might help so I bought one of them too and placed it mid way between the router and the camera but it has made no difference with the RSSI numbers staying around the same.

So I am confused as to why only my Ring devices have an issue with my wifi setup. Is my router itself the issue potentially?

Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @jackpresley. It’s hard to say what exactly is causing this concern with all your Cameras, but I would try the following steps to see if they help:

If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call to further investigate.

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