Live View will not work if cell service is connectedot

We purchased four Ring battery stick up cameras for my parents. Set up last week. All functions worked perfectly on their iPhones. Yesterday, they upgraded their cell service (Verizon) to an unlimited plan, to accommodate the additional data from the Ring cameras. Since then, Live-View will not work on their iPhones if the cell service is on. If cell service is off and the phones are only connected to Wi-Fi, Live-View works A-OK. Thoughts on a fix for this?

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The Ring app is capable of working with both wifi and cellular data mobile device connections. It is unlikely to the case with verizon and an unlimited plan, but some providers or plans do not allow for streaming live videos. Double check your plan details and video streaming capabilities just to be sure.

Switching your mobile device to airplane mode for a few seconds, then turning off and reconnecting to wifi and cellular data is a great way to refresh connections on your mobile device. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a problem on live view if iPhone are had 2 SIM (physical and eSIM) activated. See: Streaming Error - #9 by User1876 (Post 10)