Live view using cellular even when connected to wifi

I noticed recently that even when I am connected to wifi, running live view seems to use cellular data! When I restrict the app from using cellular data from the iphone settings it seems to work fine on wifi . When I switch it back to allow for cellular usage (again, my phone is still showing that it is connected to wifi), the ring app goes back to using cellular. I tried turning off the iPhone’s Wifi Assist function, thinking that may be what is happening, but still, it seems to be using cellular data.
Anyone else seeing this? Thoughts?
(I am measuring this by looking at the app statistics under the “Cellular” section of the iPhone settings - it shows how much cellular data each app is using. I reset the stats before each test)

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I noticed this the other day as well. Took me off guard as I don’t recall it happening even a month ago. App was updated Oct 5th so that could be when it started but unsure

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Mine is doing same thing. I am aggravated because I am low on data and didn’t realize it was doing this. Has anyone figured out how to make it stop?

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Nothing other disabling mobile data - then its forced to go over wifi and works fine so its puzzling why with mobile data enabled, it prefers it over wifi. Need first level ring support to chime (pun very intended) in here.


I agree! Very frustrating, since I don’t have unlimited data.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. We need assistance from the ring team.

Hi neighbors! What make and model of phone do you have, and what version of the Ring App and phone OS are you currently on? Have any of you used the Rapid Ring App for the Live View yet, and have you noticed the same data usage with the Rapid Ring App? What about with any other apps that involve streaming video or live streams? Feel free to share any screenshots that may help as well. I can check with my team on this once I have a bit more information here.

I am using an older Samsung phone with Android. I don’t understand why it started doing this and why we can’t just continue using Live View on the regular Ring app instead of now needing 2 apps. I have enough apps to deal with. Lol

I noticed this since we got our iPhone 13s… One 13 and one 13 pro. It came to light when my wife got a “over your data limit” message. She’s usually at home on wifi. We never had this issue before, and we’ve had a Ring doorbell and Floodlight cam for years.

we’re using iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro iOS 15.4.1. Ring 5.50.1