Live View UK

I spoke to UK support on Thurs 15th April and they said there were problems with the UK servers it worked once or twice over easter but doesn’t always record either. When are they going to be fixed has anybody heard.
I had an actual problem with the video doorbell, so replaced it but could not get live view I even bought a new chime pro ‘SAME PROBLEM’ that’s when I contacted support and got told there’s a problem but that has been over a week now and it is still not fixed.

You can check the status of Ring’s systems anytime by going here Status
There appears to be no current issues.
If you are still having problems you’ll need to reach out to Ring Support and report it. Contact Us – Ring Help

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I live in Texas, but will soon be in Northern Ireland for 6 weeks and need to know how I can live view my home cameras (in Texas) while over in NI (UK). Cannot find any reference to using your mobile to Live View while traveling in Europe. I have downloaded the Ring App on my mobile phone and it works fine at home and in Texas, but I’m not sure about what I need to do, except be in a WiFi zone, so I have Ring available while over there. Surely, I’m not the first to have this issue? Appreciate any information or proven suggestions.

It shouldn’t matter where you are in the world if you have an internet connection and securely login you should be able to view your cameras.