Live view tries to dial my car's bluetooth!

I’m a new Ring user, and have hastily thrown together the basics of my office system. While driving from home to office, I tried to view the live stream of one of my cameras with the phone app. After clicking on “Live”, my phone tries do dial telephone # 1-000-000-0 through my car’s bluetooth system! This happens with all the cameras I’ve included in my system so far, and it happens every time.

So…how do I keep this from happening?

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Ugh: from drilling down in this community, I see similar complaints from February as well as last year. The suggested solution was simply to turn off the car’s bluetooth connection to the phone; not really a realistic option nowadays.

Perhaps I’ve gone with the wrong brand. :^ /


Try Downloading the rapid ring app. It’s by ring but is a quicker way of connecting to live when you get a notification. See if it still does it when connecting by that app.

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Hey @Krusha. Thanks for bringing up this concern. I got in touch with my advanced technical team that gave me an exact answer as to why this is happening. When you go to your Live View, the video feed when you “accept the call” by pressing the green phone icon uses VOIP, so bluetooth devices treat it as a phone call. I have found this concern as well when I am in my car driving, connected to the bluetooth radio, and try to look at my Live View. What VOIP stands for is voice over internet protocol.

What this means is that it calls over the internet instead of a cell service/phone line. Bluetooth devices can make a difference when you get a cell service/phone line call, but this is misinterrupted by the bluetooth when it’s an over the internet type call. This will result in some wonky outcomes like you have ran into. This would happen similarly on some voice chat or video chat service you have used, if you were connected to your car’s bluetooth at the same time, as those services tend to also use the calling portion to be based on VOIP.

@ChrisJohn Great suggestion with the Rapid Ring app, but I have a feeling it may result in the same outcome. Neighbor, I say give his suggestion a try, and let us know if it behaves the same! :slight_smile:

Well, I wasn’t using my car’s bluetooth for anything at the time (phone calls, audio, navigation, etc), but it does connect automatically. So…I don’t see how VOIP plays a role here. I think the app just dials out to number 1-000-000-0 whenever I try to view cameras live.

Also, re: the Rapid Ring app: It seems to negate any snooze settings in the regular app. How did this get out of beta testing?

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How do I make the ring camera stop calling my cell phone when I’m in my car? It’s very annoying as it disrupts what I’m playing and I can’t hang up.

Is this an ANDROID only issue? If so, find out what the difference is in the apps for Apple and Android and FIX IT…