Live View timing out after 10-15 minutes

No. I have a similar issue but it takes longer like 10-15 min. and then the camera window goes black replaced by a blue Reconnect button. Clicking it brings the display right back but what about customers with family members like senirors and the disabled who rely on the security of these cameras and are unable to use a mouse and bring the display back that apparently disconnects to save on their server bandwidth. To keep the display constant we would need to sit in front of the monitor with the mouse in our hand to maintain the display and that is definitely not the service we are paying a monthly fee for.

Hi @Perro3350. To clarify, Live View will automatically time out after around 10 minutes. Ring devices do not support 24/7 continuous recording or Live View at this time, like a CCTV system would. You’re welcome to vote on this feature request for 24/7 Live View, as we use the Feature Request board to gather and share new ideas with our teams.

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