Live View timeout

if trying to live view from pc, download easy auto refresh extension for your browser How to Auto Refresh in Google Chrome Browser - YouTube (chrome or brave browser) and set it for 590 seconds. Live view times out at 600 seconds. You can also have it refresh in full screen. How to Launch Google Chrome in Full Screen Mode Automatically - YouTube
Problem solved if using from PC browser.

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It is a little bit annoying to have a camera that is forced to reset every 10 minutes and I need to click on reconnect. I’m working nights and like to keep my eyes on the camera just to see if there is activity around my home. This is something that Ring should fix and have the option to do live feed without interruptions at least on one camera at a time.

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It is simply laughable that after literally YEARS this has not been fixed. As a software dev, I would be embarrassed to work for a company with a product team either this incompetent or this unwilling to fix obvious flaws. If you look at the change log for the time period this thread has been open, there have been terribly few that added actual value to this product.

I would also, if I were one of the ring employees on this thread (@Caitlyn_Ring, @Tom_Ring, etc.), want to quit my job if my entire professional existence was comprised of apologizing for the inadequacy of my feature teams.

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I bought a stick I up can for the Babys room to monitor the baby at night. Of course it is useless since I can only see the baby 10 minutes at a time. I’m better off with a $27 baby monitor than this gadget that promises to be high tech. Why would anyone put a time limit on an app to monitor a camera is beyond me.

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We have been voting for this feature for over 3 years and the issue has existed for over 5 years. Caitlyn, when can you provide information to us about what the developers are saying about this requested feature and specifically what the ETA is?

We have waited 5 years for this feature and many people are returning their Ring cameras very often because this 10 minute time out is pathetic. Can you get us some sort of response from the developers? thanks

Just want to add my voice to the choir, fix this.

I don’t care about recording 24/7, the live view needs to be on for as long as the user needs it to be on. Anything less and you’re driving me to the competition. I’ve only bought one camera so far, I’d this isn’t changing, I can invest in a different set up.

Well, glad I read this before purchasing 3 cameras in addition to my ring doorbell. I thought for sure I was missing some setting in live view, but the 10min time out really is an issue.

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This is rediculous. I almost bought an indoor cam to use as a baby monitor, but thank god i didnt. My Ezviz camera used to do the same thing, (time out) but I dug it out to see if I could find a work around. Turns out that because the ezviz customers had complained about the timeout, the company enabled you to live view locally. This gives you no timeouts and zero lag. Im now using my ezviz as a baby monitor. Its insane to think that a camera that cost half the price, with zero subscription charge, has more features than one of the biggest camera companies going.

If i knew this before, i wouldnt have purchased 2 flood light cams and a doorbell cam from Ring. If ezviz can offer local view, so can Ring! Get it done.

Yeah they should add a feature to just connect locally to the camera for Live View. This would fix the concerns Ring has with bandwidth. I’m not going to buy anymore Ring products until they add this feature.

I am very disappointed to learn about this 10-minute live camera timeout. I’ve spent lots of time & frustration (& extra money for add-on parts) setting up this Ring system and lots of time trying to figure out how to get it to not time out. I wouldn’t have chosen Ring if I had known this, and I will certainly not be recommending it to anyone if nothing is done to fix it.