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I own a Ring Doorbell and I also subscribe to Ring Protect. As many here have described, my live view went from 10 minutes to about 30 seconds before timing out. The Ring agents here have described that it is not technically possible to increase the live view timeout. That is pure BS. This is done by design. If Spotify and Netflix can provide continuous video feed, so can Ring; Ring just chose not to do it. Ring, you are in the business of home protection, so “always on” video feed should be a basic requirement. You are not doing live view properly because you want to save money and increase profit. That is not the way to increase profit. You increase profit by providing products and services that customers want and willing and gladly pay. Also, there is no technical reason why ring cannot save video directly to my home computer. You are doing this long round-trip thing (Doorbell to Ring Server back to client phone or computer) because you want to make money through subscriptions. Fair enough, I subscribed, now please provide the service. Please be transparent and honest, because so far, you have not been. Stop feeding us BS.


I have my ring stick up cam i want to use it as a baby phone for my newborn baby
So we can watch her sleep every second and hear her when she is awake.
Its so stupid that it turns off when ussing it in live modus

Can this be solved it

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i have 2 Ring Spotlight Cam and Door Bell , fire tv and few alexa devices , Ring Protect and amazon prime.
for personal reasons i can only use windows app which timeout 30 sec and that is not good enough ,
love the amazon products but if they don’t fix this i must switch to something else .

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Hey, would you mind posting a link to said feature request board?


Of course, @AnthonyKolka! Feel free to browse for this request on our Feature Request Board. There, you will be able to vote and add comments to the related requests in that board. :slight_smile:

Live view does not work more than 30 seconds or so on Windows 10. If you are using that you cannot get 10 minutes. I get a full 10 minutes using Echo Show (haven’t tried it on my phone). When I first installed my Ring system I got 10 minutes on Windows 10 but no more. Ring stopped supporting Windows 10 (the very best way to view your videos). My cameras and doorbell still work with Windows 10, but only a very short live view and usually only downloads 10 videos . Many do not download at all. I must go to the web site now to see all my videos and from the web site, live view is not available at all. Live view on a phone is a joke - too small to see details. Ring took a decently operating system away from Windows 10 computer users. It’s a shame if you ask me. It was my preferred method of using Ring.

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Ring - you need to sort this
What a load of rubbish
After spending a fortune on ring products I discover I cannot monitor them for more than 10 mins with having to say
Alexa - show me front door etc
It’s driving me mad !

I so with I have gone with nest now :frowning:

Sort yourselves out good grief!!!

Mind you saying that you don’t reply or listen to your customers anyway so no doubt this will go into a black hole like the rest of the comments

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@Chelsea_Ring Can we have an update from the Ring Team as to when this issue will be resolved, or some answer about why the timeout exists?

Hey @RingMaster2. Happy to chime in for Chelsea on this. At this time, there is no new information on the Live View timeout. I know this that is a popular Feature Request. Thank you for your continued support and patience.


Thanks for providing the information that there are no current plans to resolve this issue which has been ongoing for greater than 4 years.

I can no longer support Ring cameras as a product due to this issue. I will recommend to all my readers that all persons who are looking for home security cameras should avoid purchasing Ring cameras at this time.

Would this suggestion get more traction if placed in the Feature Request Forum? That is what the moderators always advise doing. I’m not sure if a different team monitors that sub-forum.

I think Ring has marketed their cameras as motion alert cameras and not live-streaming cameras like a traditional CCTV system. But, I see the points raised by many here that bought indoor cameras to monitor children and the like. It would seem Ring could imlement the change and leave it up to the user as to how long that live view could be left on. I think perhaps one reason it is not offered is that it would probably use up the battery pretty quickly, but that would not matter for the hard wired versions. Are folks here saying competitor battery operated cameras offer user-selectable times for live view? Which brands? I’m curious now. For me, with my outdoor battery spotlight cameras, the design as is works fine but I folks here have made some pretty reasonable arguments as to why it is insufficient in other cases. Why not post this in Feature Request and see what happens?!


Indeed, this feature request has been on the Feature Request Board for over a year. It was in the Top 5 for more than a year.

As you continue reading, please keep in mind that you will want to read the following information in the voice of Agent Smith from the Matrix as he interviews Mr. Thomas A. Anderson…

The ring stick-up cameras can also run on solar power but this is for all Ring camera’s as far as I understand it.

10 minutes is the Live View limit.

There are many other brands that have no 10 minute limit such as Arlo cameras and others. For many people, 10 minutes of Live View is just fine but many people prefer much longer than that. It sounds like the Ring cameras work great for you. For people that want longer than 10 minutes however, they will have to look at other solutions unfortunately.

Many people claim that Ring advertise the cameras as baby monitor style cameras. I have not seen that advertising but others claim to have seen it. Perhaps those readers could post those links showing the cameras as baby monitor style cameras so we could discuss it further.

Here is another sad thread listed below on the topic in case you need to understand the reasons for wanting more than 10 minutes. There are even people who have used Ring cameras to monitor their infants and they have been negatively impacted by the 10 minute limit, some have even had emergencies whereby the 10 minute limit has placed their infant in danger.

Recently, the 10 minutes was reduced to a paltry 40 seconds in many cases (for the Windows 10 App).

Thanks for the detailed clarification. After I posted, I remembered the solar panel option - therefore my argument for running down the battery with long live view times is not as valid. I would agree Ring should make this a user-selectable option. I don’t really see any negatives to it now.

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This is getting Worse rather than better. Issues used to be about the 10 minute time out and now on Windows it is down to 30 seconds. Ring… You are not doing yourself any favors by not addressing the issue! At this point I would be happy with 10 minutes… UGH

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