Live view timeout on Windows 10

Live view has been fine previously and I can live with 10 minute timeout but recently it is down to a matter of seconds. All internet connection well within spec. Anyone know how can I get this back on Windows 10 PC?


Hi there, @MC9! As you mentioned, a live view should remain streaming for up to 10 minutes or until it is ended in the app. This can depend on connection and streaming variables of both the network and machine. Please ensure there is no vpn enabled and no robust programs or streaming are operating at the same time as the Ring app. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your device is always a good step as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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The timeout is crazy - same thing happening to me now as well. Not likely related to machine - but more changes from Ring.

Having the timeout in the first place is super frustrating and makes little sense since no way to do an active view of all cameras with Ring at all - only Dashboard with refresh intervals and small view. Having a live mode (even if limited to single camera) with a timeout and no reconnect makes very little sense.


You can add me to the list of Ring users with a Windows 10 Live View issue.

My Ring Camera Pro used to timeout at around 10 minutes, now it times out at 30 seconds. I don’t see any timeout problems with my Android phone. If I delete and re-install the Windows 10 app, the problem goes away but just for a couple of live views. After that, it’s back to 30 seconds. I have done this delete/install 3x and the outcome is the same. I have rebooted the Ring Doorbell by pushing the button on the side and I even tried connecting to the second network connection (2.4/5.0) on my WIFI router, no luck. Any suggestions?


Someone else struggling with Windows 10 timeouts. Every 30 seconds is ridiculous. Why have they not fixed this yet?


I have this same issue. However, when I called about a previous problem, I was told that the Windows 10 app is going to be decommissioned. It’s really frustrating to be told this as it’s the way I access my cameras the most often. I shouldn’t have to reach for my phone every time I want a live feed… At the minimum, it needs to have the ability in the browser, but the windows 10 app is much nicer. I suspect this 30-second issue is related to them decommissioning the app.

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This sounds familiar (see link below). Question is if it is only happening with Ring Indoor cameras on the Windows 10 PC App? My Ring Video Doorbell 2 and all my 5 Ring Stick up Plug in Cameras go for the correct full 10-minute duration. Only all 4 of my Ring Indoor Cams last 40-seconds in Live-View on this App.

All my Live-Views for all my Ring cameras last the the full 10-minutes when using the phone app.

I’m wondering if this shorten Live-View combination (Indoor cam on Windows PC App) is the common denominator?


I completely Uninstalled the Ring App for Windows PC.
Then re-installed the Windows PC app.

Now all Ring cameras and Doorbell are displaying the full normal 10-minute duration in “Live-View.”

I don’t know what caused the issue, or if the Uninstall and Reinstall procedure will solve the shortened Live-view issue on your Windows PC app ( didn’t seem to maintain the fix for @mrbill57, post Jan22), but it seems to have fixed it on mine. :smile:

I have the same experience as Mr. Bill, worked a couple times then back to 30 seconds


Hello @thomasgould , @mrbill57 , @MartinWheat , and @brianburesh ,

As I wrote above, I tried Uninstalling and then Re-Installing the Windows Ring App, which worked for me for only 6 days. Then the 40-second timeout issue returned. In another posted thread, I tried the “reset” suggestion of @dvd67 , and although it was a short-lived fix for him, it appears it worked for me! My Windows Ring App has been displaying the normal 10-minute Live-View for the last 13 days, and I hope it continues. :crossed_fingers:

After completing the reset, you’ll have to go through your settings again to put it back the way you had it before (notifications, alert sounds, etc.)

Hopefully the reset procedure might also help you. It’s probably worth a try at least :wink:

14 days now and still working.

Still working? I have tried all suggestions and problem persists. Ring truly does not care.

Having RING devices is fast becoming a waste of money

Same timeout using Win10 as others. 30 to 40 seconds. I’ve run the gambit with uninstalling/reinstalling, setting, etc. It used to work. I was told Ring is designed to work on android/mobile phones.
I’m ditching the ring doorbell, and going with ADT.


I’ve noticed this issue recently as well. Sometimes you can preview for 10 minutes, but more often than not it will timeout around 30-40 seconds. When I had the 10 minutes it was great but now it’s pretty annoying. It does seem like if there’s some motion going on it will tend to stay on longer, but whenever I just click on my camera from either the desktop app or from any of my mobile devices, if nothings going on it can sometimes timeout in about 10 seconds. I always change my batteries when it hits yellow, and with the exception of 1 camera they all have great wi-fi signals. The only device I have that seems pretty unaffected by this new bug is my Doorbell 3 Pro. All my stick up cameras and my small flood cam are all affected. What Ring should do is just ad a live view duration option.

Mine has been timing out for a couple of months now. I was hoping that it would get fixed soon but not so far. ok using the App in my iphone but the PC App is still an issue. If there a fix?

Update, In the meantime I uninstalled the web app and re-installed. Not timing out for now. Hopefully it holds as it did for @Boone. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Same issue here with Windows 10 and 40 second timeouts. Has Ring mentioned why they don’t want to support the Windows 10 app? Seems like a bad decision to drop the app. I’ll try re-installing it again.

The re-installing was short lived. Still times out after 40 secs and re-installs have not temporary results. This needs to be fixed by Ring please.

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I figured out how to get the Ring app for windows 10 to run a longer live view like it use to do before the 30 sec glitch …

  1. left click start menu on windows task bar.
  2. Locate the RING app and right click.
  3. Left click on “more”
  4. Left click “App Options”
  5. Scroll down and select “Reset” and then reset the app. now your done .

Now next time you open your RING app you will have to log in again and they will send a code to your phone or email whatever you setup with them. Enter the code and now your live view will run without a time limit.

But here’s the kicker , as long as the app is running it will continue to work so like me i will just “minimize” the app and keep it on the task bar below without closing it and it works everytime i hit live view, but the minute i close the app all together and reopen it im back to the 30 sec live views again and will have to reset again if i want longer than 30sec. Hope this helps out.