Live view timeout on Windows 10

Live view has been fine previously and I can live with 10 minute timeout but recently it is down to a matter of seconds. All internet connection well within spec. Anyone know how can I get this back on Windows 10 PC?

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Hi there, @MC9! As you mentioned, a live view should remain streaming for up to 10 minutes or until it is ended in the app. This can depend on connection and streaming variables of both the network and machine. Please ensure there is no vpn enabled and no robust programs or streaming are operating at the same time as the Ring app. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your device is always a good step as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The timeout is crazy - same thing happening to me now as well. Not likely related to machine - but more changes from Ring.

Having the timeout in the first place is super frustrating and makes little sense since no way to do an active view of all cameras with Ring at all - only Dashboard with refresh intervals and small view. Having a live mode (even if limited to single camera) with a timeout and no reconnect makes very little sense.

You can add me to the list of Ring users with a Windows 10 Live View issue.

My Ring Camera Pro used to timeout at around 10 minutes, now it times out at 30 seconds. I don’t see any timeout problems with my Android phone. If I delete and re-install the Windows 10 app, the problem goes away but just for a couple of live views. After that, it’s back to 30 seconds. I have done this delete/install 3x and the outcome is the same. I have rebooted the Ring Doorbell by pushing the button on the side and I even tried connecting to the second network connection (2.4/5.0) on my WIFI router, no luck. Any suggestions?