Live view snowy

When I play live view I get a snowy effect. Starts off clear then gradually gets worse and worse. Then after about 30 seconds when nothing is recognizable it goes back to a clear screen. And every few video clips is a black screen. Help?

Hey @Justjackie. It sounds like your video quality is fluctuating which can often be an indication of connection interference, sometimes resulting in black video clips. This can be confirmed via the RSSI reading of your device. Check out our Community post here to learn more about your RSSI and how to optimize it for the best video quality.

Thank you for answering me, I’ll try to relocate my camera to see if I can get a better signal. Would a WiFi extender help?

@Justjackie Great idea! Sometimes playing around with where it is helps a lot, and reconnecting the device to a wifi extender could help as well. If you go down the route of reconnecting it to a wifi extender, make sure you reset it up to the extender’s network by going into your Device Health and selecting change wifi network. :smiley_cat:

Oh, I didn’t connect it to the extender, just plugged the extender in and thought that was all I had to do. Oops. Thanks for the info, I’ll take care of that this afternoon.

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