Live view problem

Hello , Today I have a problem with live view , I can not get live view even if I stay 5 minutes waiting . Is any other have same problems?


Hi @Erik92. There has been neighbors with this concern before. Try joining the conversation on this thread here and see if the suggested solution will work for you!

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Yes, they royally f…ed it up AGAIN and “support” has no clue and does not give a sh1t


I am having the same problem, as soon as I did the update, no longer had Live View automatic. I call support and said thats the way it is now, well if it is, i will be going a different route. You have to be a Ninja just to click on the banner to see what the hell is happening

I have the same issue. Also, my Wifi is not connecting to the device. I just deleted everything and now I cannot get the setup to work anymore

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I uninstalled the app and reinstalled at the advise of support and was able to get it going, but no auto live view. Hope they redo


Same here no live views from any camera Although they still recording motion and I get the thumbnails?

Same here. This Ring is now pointless. How can they justify their product? If this is a tactic to get us to buy into a plan, its not working…

Noticed this issue earlier this week but I figured I needed to update something. No update available.

Same. My indoor cam doesn’t work anymore for live view, as soon as my free trial ended. It’s connected and has a great signal and I’ve tried everything. Even the siren works, just not live view.

here we go again, this happened on friday, to my doorbell, now same thing happening to one of my stick up cams, WTF, come on ring get this sorted!!!

Hi everyone, I’m new here. We just installed 3 outdoor cameras. At first they were all working, and now only 2 are working. I can’t get the “Live” view on the third camera, and it says my wife signal is too weak. Could there be another reason why, besides the WiFi strength, that I can’t get the Live view for the 3rd camera?

Doesn’t work for me either. Cameras are hardwired, wifi is excellent, app is current. Hasn’t worked since two updates ago.

I have a doorbell, plus 3 cameras. I changed the battery on all of them, and now I can’t access live view.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, i have a situation everything on my ringdoorbell works while im at home and on wifi… my problem is i have a samsung A51 android 5g mobile phone and i can’t get live view while away from home but my wife has a 4g samsung android and it works while away… Any suggestions :thinking: on how to resolve this before i contact support which they will probably have me reset everything like i already did…

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I’ve had this problem with the main Ring app off and on for a long time across multiple devices, routers, and Wi-Fi networks. The Rapid Ring app works just fine, so obviously the main app is the problem. I have a paid plan with multiple cameras, excellent internet service with upload /download speeds of 540 / 125, strong Wi-Fi signals to all cameras… All we ever get from ring is boilerplate nonsense responses about checking connection quality or reinstalling apps blah blah blah. None of that is the problem. The app is broken.

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I had issues with my live view on one device. I phoned support and they reset this camera. I now get stuttering video on this and another camera (plus an odd green line!!). Support said it was because the signal is poor. It’s not great but then I’ve never had these issues before.

Just read previous comments and installed Rapid App. This appears to make live view smoother. Why can’t this be done on the main app???