Live View Problem


I have problem with ring video doorbell when I try to open live view I get either streamin error or it just got stuck on activating device phase. I tested wifi and it is about 100mbps. I am using latest version on both device and my iphone. I tried nearly every way mentioned on this forum but nothing helped. Can anyone have any idea?

Thank you.

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Hi @mkarek. We have a great Community post about Live View and some tips and tricks to get your Live View working correctly. I would also look over this post about RSSI and how it correlates to your Ring Doorbell. I would make the recommended adjustments to see if that helps!

Do you have a range extender ?
Would it be terribly difficult for you to bring the doorbell into the house to see if it behaves differently ?
Consider assigning static ip addresses to whatever device is running your ring applications and the doorbell itself.
Have you installed the rapid ring app ?
From the device you are running your ring apps (assuming it is the same network as the doorbell) - visit the website ( Post the values for your latency.

My live view ring doorbell is not working too…and I am sure my wifi is working because my other ring devices works fine…I believe there must be a issue with your app, because this only happens these two months, it was find previously, can you please fix the issue? Thanks