Live view/PIP pausing itself

Ring Doorbell Pro. Using website Dashboard on PC.

When logged onto online Dashboard, working on PC, launch live view then go to Picture in Picture, the PIP window opens as normal, but only shows live view for around 1 minute.
Then, when I notice it`s paused I click " Back to tab " and get a " Live view paused, click reconnect to resume " notice.
Then have to start all over again.

Seems to completely defeat the whole point of having a PIP feature.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @Johnboy. I have tested this on Chrome on a laptop, and it works. My Live View does not pause in PiP after a minute, and when I click on the Back to tab option, Live View is not paused. Which web browser are you using?

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Hi Justin. IT`s MS Edge on W10.

@Johnboy. This was tested on Edge running Windows 10, and there were no issues like those you are running into. I would recommend verifying that your web browser is up-to-date. Try using a different web browser to see if it makes a difference. You also want to make sure you do not have a VPN active. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call to further investigate this with you.

Thanks Justin. Edge up to date. No VPN. W10 up to date.

Tried using Opera browser too, and it does exactly same thing.


Strange… Just done a little experiment. On Edge.
Opened PIP but STAYED on Ring website/dashboard/tab, with PIP window running, and without moving away to another tab… It ran okay for the 5 or 6 mins that I watched it, no problem.
I Did that 3 times and watched it run okay for about 5 or 6 mins. each time All ok.
BUT… If I then try same again, open PIP, but then MOVE AWAY to work on a different tab, then it pauses the PIP again after about 1 min.

Any other suggestions Justin ?

I have this same problem - and I’m not using PIP. Just opening the camera (wired, not battery) in and it disconnects (“Live View Paused”) sometimes after just seconds, other time a few mins. Browsers all up to date.