Live View Only


My parents received a Stick Up Cam for Christmas. Sadly, they find the app to be too confusing to use. Before it gets returned or placed in a box never to be seen again, is there a way to only view the live feed? It is monitoring the backyard and they have no desire to receive alerts or recordings They just want to open the app and see the live feed of the backyard. That’s all.

Is this possible?


Hi @mauricej. Yes! I would suggest downloading the Rapid Ring App on their phone. This is a Ring App that is used for Live View, that’s it! Just open the app and tap 1 button to activate the Live View. It is very easy to use and I’m sure your parents will love it!

I tried that and that simply isn’t true. This app does not allow continuous monitoring of a camera, it cuts off after 10 mins just the same but with the added annoyance that you cannot simply click one button to get it to reconnect.
Called support today and there is no way of getting Ring to constantly monitor a camera like Nest does - not even by paying an additional amount per month, which I would be happy to do. Ridiculous policy which will drive me to Nest or Logi Circle.

Hi @Loaded. Thanks for joining the conversation! Correct, Ring Devices do not support continuous Live View Streaming. Our Live View does time out after 10 minutes. However, Rapid Ring is a great solution if you are trying to quickly activate your Live View.