Live View only works on wifi

The live view is really hit and miss. It works fine when my phone is connected to the house WiFi. But it will not work if my phone is on its mobile network. I’m just faced with ‘activating device’ for an age then that the live was ended.
Is there anyway to fix this? Because it seems pointless having a security camera that only works when you’re at home

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Hi there, @EmaSullivan! With your Ring devices working as intended while the mobile device is connected to wifi, this is a great sign that your Ring devices and Ring app are communicating properly. Please ensure there is no VPN enabled on your mobile device.

Depending on mobile device type, there may be cellular data related settings that are worth exploring to note if any unique features are active. When trying Live View on cellular data, double check cell tower signal strength just to ensure it is optimal. I recommend also checking with your cellular data provider to ensure they allow streaming on data. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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I’m having the trouble now too on my phone. I updated it to android 11 yesterday. Now it just says activating device unless i turn on my Wi-Fi

Hi there,

Currently having the same issue which is becoming very annoying. I have tried everything I could think of. Same problem with the Rapid Ring app. Has anyone been able to solve it? Thanks

I’m having the same issue! I have samsung s20 ultra and when on WiFi I can use live view but on mobile network just keeps on saying activating device. My partner has the iPhone x and the live video works on WiFi and the mobile network. I think it’s an issue with android

So I was looking through the forum and looks like I have to downgrade my network from 5g to 3g and it is now working

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Thanks for the advice. I ve just tried and when downgrading to 3g the live view works . Hopefully this will be fixed. Very annoying!

I have the same problem, but it only seems to happen when connected to Three UK network. If I use a VPN on Three U.K. network then live streaming works. I am unable to try downshifting to 3G as the setting does not appear on iphone12. Live stream works on EE, Wi-Fi roaming in USA, just not on Three UK. Same for rapid ring app. I’ve tried phone erase and reinstall, app erase and reinstall, resetting all settings. I am confident it is a problem at the Three UK end, but Three customer service refuse to accept that and say it is a Ring app problem.

An interesting development, if the iPhone12 has another device connected to its hotspot, the problem on the iPhone 12 disappears and the live streaming works. It seems this should be unrelated, another device connecting to the iPhone12 causing an app on the iphone12 to behave correctly. I have tested it several times and without another device connected to the hotspot, the iPhone 12 will not live stream in the Ring app on Three UK network, but connect my car, or an iPad to the iphone12’s personal hotspot and the iPhone 12 will live stream on the Three UK network. I hope some network expert will be able to suggest how to fix this bug and why the personal hotspot being active bypasses the problem.

This issue appears to have been fixed. Whatever either Ring or Three did during October 2021 fixed the issue.

Hey neighbors. If you’re having any difficulty accessing Live View in the Ring app when you’re connected to cellular data, try checking the following:

  • If you have a VPN enabled on your mobile device, ensure it is disabled as the Ring app is not compatible with VPNs.
  • Test if the Live View works when you are connected to wifi rather than cellular data to determine if it is a Ring device concern or a network concern.
  • Verify any data or battery saving settings you may have enabled on your mobile phone. These settings could impact how the Ring app behaves when you’re connected to cellular data.

If this concern persists and you are unable to access Live View while connected to cellular data, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.