Live view only shows stills on iPhone SE 2022

I have an iPhone 12 mini and an SE 3. Both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Same iOS version. Same app version (5.5.0). Live view shows moving video without issue on the iPhone mini. When I try live view on the SE, it loads the camera but there is no motion, just a still. Tried reinstalling the app and a reset of the OS. Tried on and off Wi-Fi. Same result. Not a wifi speed issue as the iPhone mini is able to stream fine and the SE gets well over 400mbps up and down and 8ms response time. Not a connectivity issue on the camera either as it streams video fine to other devices. Also, Live view works fine on the SE when viewing through the web interface. Think it’s just a bug in the app on the iPhone SE. Any ideas on a resolution?

Hi @cmsharp27. With the SE, are you able to Live View using the Rapid Ring app? Is there an active VPN on the SE? I would also check to make sure that the Ring app has all permissions turned on and allowed. Let me know if this changes the operation of the Live View.