Live view on RIng mobile app does not work. Mobile browser on does

About 2-3 months ago the live view on my Android app stopped working. I get still pictures that update ever 10 seconds or so. The audio is fine. On the same device, if I log into the mobile browser for the live view works fine. Also the live view on the “Rapid Ring” app works fine. So it’s specifically an issue with the standard Ring app. This issue also persists on iPhone as well for the standard app. I have had my ring setup for a while now and this started happening recently, so some update most of broke the app I’m guessing.

I would just use the Rapid Ring but I cannot control the Alarm so I don’t want to deal with 2 different Ring apps for different situations. I Just want to get the standard Ring app working again.

Try clearing the cache and/or storage for the Ring android app and see if that helps.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did a storage/cache clear before i uninstalled and again after I reinstalled. Unfortunately that did not solve the issue.