Live view on PC wont stay up

When I activae the ring app on Windows 10 and go into live view.,it will only stay on the screen for what seems like a few minutes. I’d like to be able to dedicate a pc laptop near my desk so I can look over and see whos at my front door. Does anyone know how to make live view stay up?

This is a battery powered stickup camera


Sadly it’s not made to stream longer than a few minutes. I think on battery it’s even less. It’s not like a camera system with DVR.

i get up to 10 min on live view . One time it five and next 10. Not sure why.

Ok thanks. makes sense. Its not a deal breaker but would be nice

Yes Idid notice I got different times from it and once was 10 minutes


Hey neighbors! The maximum live view length is 10 minutes at this time. An event that is unanswered will record for the default amount of time depending on device model and settings. If you answer an event live, or live view, you can continue to view that event for up to 10 minutes. We always appreciate neighbor feedback, and will certainly share it with our team. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My live view on the Windows app used to last 10 minutes but now it ends after less than a minute. Is there any type of configuration to make this last longer? I didn’t think 10 minutes was long enough but this is basically not usable with it lasting less than a minute.