Live view on IPv6 only

Changed mobile provider from one that only supplied ipv4 to one that provides IPv6 connection when on mobile data.

Now can not use live view in the app when away from home.

Multiple reports on here covering this issue yet seems to be no fix for the ring app?

Can log in via the webpage when on mobile data and use live view there, but obviously this isn’t the best work around when the app should work as expected.

Is ring actually going to fix this??

Hi @user55178. I was able to find this post where another neighbor mentioned the same concern as you. There is a marked solution on the post that lets you know we only recommend using IPv4, and using IPV6 could cause issues. We do not have any updates on this being changed.

That’s not a solution though, that’s a bad luck only works on ipv4

However, you can not force a ipv4 connection on an iPhone when on 4/5G

Simple update in the ring app is the solution but is not being looked at? Happy to take our money for the product and subscriptions, but not helping customers stuck on IPv6 cellular connections is poor form.

And here is doorbird recognising the issue:

And as mentioned, live view works on webpage on safari on iPhone, but not the app, Showing the app needs so changes.

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