Live view on dashboard?

I have no problem using live view on both my cams on my iphone app, but there does not seem to be live view when I log onto from my dashboard. I can trigger a live app from my phone which I can see on the dashboard, but I cant get live view from the dashboard itself while logged on. Is there a way to do that?

Hi @stickersteve. Live View is not available on, just events in you history are. However, you should be able to Live View from your iPhone. Are you using a VPN on the phone? If so, try turning it off and then attempting Live View. You can also download the Rapid Ring app from the app store for Live View only. I use the Rapid Ring app for my Live View and it works great. :slightly_smiling_face:


Live View only lasts 10 minutes on the app, sometimes as low as only 40 seconds. Ring has dropped the ball on this one, and it has rolled down the street into the sewer where it is eaten by an electric eel and pooped out 10 minutes later.