Live View now only works with WIFI

No issue with live view Ring Door Bell 2, until upgrade to new phone, Samsung A32, Android 11, Sprint to T-Mobile 5G network SIM chip. I referred this issue to T-Mobile and the latest update is their referral to Samsung and it’s implementation of Android 11. The will get back to me in a couple of weeks.

The previous phone was on Android 10 using Sprint’s 4G LTE network. There are some multiple possibilities that could be the cause of this issue.

  1. T-mobile network or SIM chip
  2. Android 11
  3. Samsung or Galaxy A32
  4. Ring App

Just found out my daughter’s I-phone 11 never worked on AT&T’s , 5G network, only WIFI but that may be a different issue.

These kind of causes are only identified and corrected when you can get all companies to work together as a team to identify the cause using network traps.

Once issue is correctly identified, doesn’t mean the issue will get resolved, maybe to due Security Issues or costs.

On the internet, found 1 user who resolved this issue who had the same phone, Samsung Galaxy A32. The setting changed to resolve was: Mobile Data, Access Point Name, clicking on Selected Access Point, XXXX, and changed, Mobile virtual network type, from GID, to NR NSA. My phone is restricted from making this change, and I did provide this info to T-Mobile advanced tech. support.

With very few recent reports on this issue , I’m starting to think the issue may only be related to the A32.

If issue can’t be identified or resolved, my step-by-step plan:

  1. Reinstall a Sprint SIM chip, or
  2. Obtain a different phone, or
  3. Switch mobile provider

Inputs are welcomed to aid in identifying the cause or resolution.

Update: A second A32 switched to T-Mobile, also has this exact issue.
Also switched my daughter’s phone to an old Samsung phone S8+, Android 9 from Sprint to T-Mobile SIM chip, and Live View works over mobile data. The is not a 5G phone, and switching the A32’s to exclude 5G doesn’t solve the issue.
She getting a new phone OnePlus 5G Android 11, so in a few days, I’ll see if issue is related to Android 11 or the Samsung phone. I’ll also reach out to Samsung to see if only selective phones have this issue.

Update: Got a new phone Oneplus 8T, Android 11 and Live View worked on Sprint’s network. Switched to T-Mobile 5G Sim and Live View continued to work on cellular. I suspect my issue has to due with the newer Samsung Android 11 phones. It may only be their lower end phones, A21 … A32, because I don’t see many reports with the their higher end phone, A51 … A71.

I need to collect more data, that I can give to Samsung. I would love if users would added a quick comment, about their Samsung Android 11 phones as to their LV ( live view ) that only works on WIFI, with their cellular provider
Example in my case: A32 T-mobile LV fails ( works or fails ).

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