Live view not working when phone is on WiFi

Hi all,

As the title suggests, I’m having a strange issue which has only started recently. If we try to view our Ring Doorbell Cams live view while we are connected to our WiFi it doesn’t work, however, if we pause WiFi on our phones it works instantly so is not a WiFi strength issue to the bell.

I’ve tried the usual of power cycling everything but that hasn’t helped.

Anyone have any other suggestions?


Hey @Stryker89. Please check out our Community post here for more tips and tricks on how to address this concern. :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same issue - Andriod phone - live view over wifi was working fine last week, but today it only works via 4g

Wifi is still fine for live-view via the fire-tv and amazon echo - the issue is 100% specific to wifi on the mobile, and the mobile wifi signal strength and speed test are effectively perfect.

This article addressing nothing to do with our concern. The concern is that when the phone is connected to the wifi in the house, the app does not work. I have tried both the regular app and the rapid app. Neither will work. I changed the frequency that the door bell was connecting to and still nothing. I was forced into this device by my security provider. I currently have comcast with my own router and I have gone through all of the processes to allow the ring doorbell 3 to operate without any inconsistencies. So this means that the problem is likely with the software/firmware. If the issue could be elevated within tech support so that we could get this resolved that would be fantastic. Until then, this is a complete annoyance. I shouldn’t have to disconnect from my wifi anytime someone rings the doorbell when I am outside with my dogs, just to see who it is. It takes too long and by the time I see the video, the person will be gone.