Live View not working over WiFi but cellular OK

Live view not working over wi-fi in ring app but works fine through browser. I have two video doorbells. Live view works if I switch to cellular.

I have Verizon Fios gigabit. Spent an hour with support from ring, no solution except to send me an article about what ports are used for live streaming.

Reset Verizon router and have No vpns. Spoke to people at work and they have the same issue. Doesn’t connect or takes too long to connect over wifi.

Ring app is making a direct connection when on WiFi or ports are being blocked by Verizon Fios network. All ports are available on my router.

Something changed in the app and the way live view connects over WiFi.

Please change/update or have the option of connecting through other means. Doorbell rings, can’t view on live view. I do have audio if I connect microphone. Microphone is allowed in iOS app. All iOS devices and windows desktop app have same issue.

Moved ring doorbell ip to lOT network and also testes as DMZ host, so its a direct network. On home wifi, its trying to make a direct connection I think, and something is not connecting in the app. Instead of bouncing back to the Ring server like you would through a browser, Ring is saving bandwidth by trying to establish a direct network link in the app to stream video.

Please fix your app.

We are just fellow users, so none of us is going to fix the app as you demand.

Report your issue to Support ( as only when there’s enough reports will potential issues be looked at.

Demand is a strong word, I don’t recall writing that. I think I also added a couple of “Pleases” in there…lol. As far as going to support, been there done that.

So ring support doesn’t monitor these forums? Ring support couldn’t figure it out. I also spoke to my ISP. So why not post in this forum on the chance maybe someone smarter than you or I can figure this out…

Even on my windows desktop app (which is gone or going away), doesn’t connect via home network. So I don’t think its an iOS issue.

windows 2


my ring spot light cam is not showing me live view anywhere, it does record a 6 seconds video and connection is stable … tried to contact ring support multiple of times… their support is pathetic …