Live view not working on wifi or cellular

77.36 download, 11.95 upload, 46 ping and -58 rssi and ring video doorbell will not display live view. Keep getting black screen and live view has ended. I have a mix of 5 other cameras with varying good rssi that connect without issue on wifi or cellular. Doorbell refusing to connect started today, no changes made to my network or phone. Why can’t I get a live view?

Hey @RLATL. It seems like you may need to make some adjustments to your router. You can learn how to make these adjustments to fix black video in our Help Center Article here. If this does not seem to do the trick, please try removing the device from your account, resetting it by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds, and then re-setting it up again!

I’ve done all of the above and more and I still cannot get my live view

I too am having the same problem. Weird because the little preview picture isn’t black and shows motion but going to live view full screen goes black. ALSO THERE HAS BEEN NO RECORDING SINCE MARCH 30TH. Nothing in my network topology has changed. Upload speeds are fine. I recycled the power. I have not hit the reset on the doorbell itself but seriously its the “PRO” version. I really shouldn’t have to physically reset it. I hate resetting things because then I have to set them up again. Also very irritated that I’ve paid for a year’s worth of recordings and there are none after March 30th. You sent out an upgrade on March 30th to add “modes” of home, away, etc. Did you break my Ring with an update?

i have been on the phone with customer support many times, because my live video just stopped working. there only solution is for me to buy a new one because im out of warranty. there has to be a problem on there end somewhere because live view just stopped working for a lot of people.

Hey neighbors! Wanted to follow up to my previous response since it seems a few other neighbors are having this concern. Please note that your Live View can be affected by many different factors, and therefore while multiple people may have a concern with Live View, you all could be having this concern for different reasons. Live View is normally affected from a poor wifi connection, reduction in upload speeds (or download, but upload is more common with Live View, and upload is normally much less than download available from your ISP if you do a speed test), low battery on the device, a high RSSI value, interference from the router, or the wifi connection in the home being used elsewhere (kids, family, friends or roommate using the internet or working from home). Below I will list out other options you can try.

Some neighbors have found relief to this concern by doing the following to their network:

  • Switching networks for the device, whether this is from 2.4 Ghz to 5.0 Ghz (if possible for device/network to connect to)
  • Switching from connection to a router to a mesh system/Chime Pro/extenders and vice versa
  • Rebooting your router, ensuring that all ports and protocols are opened for the Ring devices
  • Ensuring you have proper speeds. Lots of neighbors during this time have noticed slower speeds because of the current conditions and changes to at home life
  • Disabling any VPNs

Some neighbors have found relief in this concern by doing the following to their Ring device:

  • Completely reset the device by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds
  • Removing the device (after saving any recordings you may need) and then re-setting the device up
  • Testing Live View with device next to the router
  • Ensuring device is fully charged
  • Looking at Device Health and confirming RSSI is in acceptable range

Some neighbors have found relief in this concern by doing the following to their app:

  • Disabling VPNs on the phone
  • Removing the app, rebooting phone, reinstalling the Ring app
  • Trying the Rapid Ring app
  • Connecting to the app on wifi or mobile data only (testing whichever connection is not your normal)
  • Updating app/OS software on phone

Please note that if you do not feel comfortable enough preforming any of these troubleshooting steps to see if you can get your Live View working again, you can always contact our support team directly. They can take a look into your account and device to determine what is really going on, and what factor may be at play here. Please feel free to come back to this thread and post your solutions that you have found for Live View!

i have done all of that

just to let everyone know mine just started working today around 3pm its 05-22-2020.

I did none of your suggestions, live view returned today on its own. Loading takes an extremely long time, at least it is back. The thought of adjusting my router for one device or disconnecting the device so frequently because of operation failures is beyond frustrating. I don’t know if the later models are easier but the 1st generation doorbell is a pain in the rear.