Live view not working on Telstra 4g

Hi There. I was out yesterday and got a notification that there was someone at the door (Ring Wired Doorbell). When I went to log in it timed out. When I got home I could operate Liveview via our home wifi but not via my Telstra 4g. After researching I can get Liveview working on Telstra 4g if I turn on my VPN APP. My wife uses Aldi Mobile and hers works fine.

I have the same problem except I can’t connect to live view over Telstra 4G even with my VPN active!

Hi there, neighbors! We actually advise against using a vpn with the Ring app on your mobile device. Here is our help center article about VPNs and the Ring app. Whenever your Ring device and Ring app are working fine on wifi, but not on cellular data, it is best to consider cellular data coverage in the area. I recommend also checking with your cellular carrier to ensure your 4g plan is capable of streaming and working with apps like the Ring app. They can also troubleshoot this connection further for you. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: