Live view not working on stick up cams 3rd gen though works for doorbell

For my Stickup cam I have exactly the same setup: battery and solar panel. If you read my previous postings, my last issue has been on April 24th, since the it’s been working perfectly. What I see in your post is that your RSSI swings from -40 to -55, that’s quite a spread. You could have interferance in your channel. My RSSI holds steady at -33 to -34. day and night. In my neighborhood I have a lot of 2.4 and 5.0 GHz users so I look and see what channels are available on 2.4 GHz with the least or no usage and that’s what i select. Ring has published a chart for the cams and I set up my routers and accordingly. Everything works fine.

In that chart see Compatible Networks, make sure you’re at 2.4 GHz. Some have tried to set up their cams at 5 GHz. I did too in the beginning, did not work too well.

Sorry, haven’t read all 10 pages, but have people called Ring support? They are able to escalate to advanced technical team, who can in turn escalate to engineering.

I have the same issue and Ring support have sent a replacement, which I don’t think will make a difference based on others having the issue.

There are numerous thread this weeks with the issue so I think caling and escalting is the best option.

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Got the same issue here. Really wish I’d spotted this thread before wasting a couple of hours on the phone to tech support. Just received two brand spanking new cameras as direct replacements for my old stick up cams which I rasied the issue with. That’s the good news.

Bad news: there’s someting defintely off with the cameras themselves:

  • Doorbell works perfectly, always has done

  • Initally the cameras worked perfectly, then noticed they would regularly not alert or show live view

  • Tried new batteries, rebooting units, removing from ring and re-adding no joy

  • Reset wifi router several times, tried 2.4 only, 5ghz only no joy

  • Replaced router with expensive wireless mesh system no joy

  • Replaced stick up cams no joy

  • Changed out DNS settings to go to google’s DNS servers, all ports opened, checked ISP not blocking the ports Ring told me to check etc. All no joy

Thinking back, this all seems to have started when they deployed the extra motion functionality and home/away modes. The stick up cams have been unstable ever since.

Logically it can’t be my network config or ISP config or the cameras wouldn’t work initially on reboot. Can’t be wifi as that’s all new.

Think the cameras are just pants and we’ll have to wait for a firmware update to correct. I’m not impressed in the slightest.

NB: As I type this, the kitchen cam has suddenly started working again, with no changes or intervention from me. Backs up the fact that the network, wifi or internet is not configured correctly. Unstable rubbish.

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I had a very similar issue. I have a doorbell pro, floodlight cams, and a spotlight cam that all work perfectly. I had issues with the 3rd gen stick up cam immediately. I initially set it up in the same room as my router just to get it joined to my network and test it out. I had to go through the initial setup twice to get it to connect. Then the live view would only work sometimes. Against my better judgement, I mounted it outside. It worked for like two days, then it wasn’t recording motion and I couldn’t view the live stream. Power cycling did nothing. I had to climb up on the ladder to hit the setup button and re join it to my network. It worked for a few more hours, and then stopped working again. That was the last straw. I took it down and returned it. I replaced it with a refurbished 2nd gen stick up cam that has been working like a champ. Something is defective with these 3rd gen cams.

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I spoke to support yesterday for 40 minutes and have sent 8 community links where people have posted about the issue (inc this thread). I’m not hopeful this will get resolved any time soon :frowning:

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Has anyone had any kind of positive response since all of these threads have been running? I’m still at square one even since Ring very swiftly replaced my two stick up cams (and due to C19 the old cams haven’t been picked up yet).

I might raise another issue with support if I get a couple of hours free.

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After a 40 minute call, support were still suspecting my network was the issue. Despite me mentioning the other devices never had this problem and that numerous other people have the same issue with stickup cam gen 3.

I’ve again sent them numerous links from the community.

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I have not called tech support because of all these threads posted over many months with no definite solution. I have 4 gen3 cams mounted outside. One of them seems to stop working just as many have described. I want a refund or replacement. Three of the 4 cameras work well and have dedicated wifi extenders. That may be a possible answer but nevertheless it shouldn’t be! Anyways, thank you all for posting your experiences!

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This is now 100% solved for me now. Here was my solution: took them back to John Lewis for a full refund.

JL were fantastic, no box or receipt but full refund without any argument as soon as they checked online and saw the support forums with many threads all with the same unresolved issue.

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I purchased my cam, extra battery and Echo Show 8 less than 30 days ago. My charge is at 95% and signal strength is about 70. I started having the same problem tonite. Everything I have is updated and current. Please Ring, fix this problem. Also, I went through all the recommendations. The problem is not at my end. Thank you in advance

Update, my Stick Up Cam is up and running. Thank you Ring.:slight_smile:

From some of the postings that I have read I’m starting to get the impression that people think having a high RSSI number is a good thing. The Ring levels are stated in minus figures so -40 is better than -70. See following link:

My devices (4 of them) RSSI range from -23 (best) to -42 (worst) and by having direct connections to routers and also extenders I have had no issues since April.

I had the same issue as everyone else here. Bought a 2 pack stickup cam set and when they work they are great. Mine dropped offline without fail every 2 days. I tried given them static IPs but didn’t seem to help. I tried everything. They are outside but the WiFi signal is strong enough for them to not drop off every other day for sure.

I have a ring doorbell that has never once dropped offline as well as a ring indoor cam which has never missed a beat. I sent back for a full refund, must say customer service was very good all be it I was within the 30 days money back guarantee.

I am tempted to try the stickup elite cams with Poe to see if that makes any difference to the camera dropping offline being on a network cable but not sure if I want to shed out £170 on something that might not work.

Be interesting to know if anyone has had any success with the elites.

This problem is not solved.

I have a ring stick up cam (3rd gen) and I have the same problem.
This product worth nothing. :frowning:

Update: Switched to the spotlight cams. They work PERFECTLY. Same connection and comparable signal strength. The problem is definitely with these particular cams.

I wish I’d read this thread before I bought one of these things. Mine worked for an hour and then started telling me Live View wasn’t enabled. It was, but I disable it and then re-anabled it it, at which point the Ring App hung. I tried Rapid Ring too but that didn’t work either.

Thankfully I bought through Amazon so I have sent it back for a refund.

My Cameras stopped working a couple of days ago. Feeling like this system is not reliable. I can’t get a human online or on the phone to help resolve this issue. Should I give up on Ring and find another system? I can’t find a way to reset the system and there seems to be no real support to assist. Very frustrating. I’m about to give up on this.

My Spotlight cam is experiencing these issues now. I’ve tried setting up as new device etc without any luck
This is all I get. My Wi-fi is fine

I disabled modes and there is a good improvement in the live view response.
I had this problem on 2 of my stickup cams and now they respond to live view. But one still is having a problem occasionally but dose respond to live view more often then not. I now believe This is a software problem with ring and not a hardware problem. Ring needs to address this issse. And thank you for this helpful information.

I had the same problem I just change the frequency switch it to channel 1 on your router 2.4 GHz switch it to channel 1 and if you have 5 GHz change it to 36. Fixed the issue with live view.