Live view not working on stick up cams 3rd gen though works for doorbell

I’m having a continuing issue with my two Ring stick up cam battery/solar cameras. I cannot get live view to consistently work. I had this problem before and called tech support who made me walk through 20 minutes of things I’d already tried before elevating my call to someone else who did something remotely that fixed the issue for two days, but the same problem returned.

I’ve got a ring alarm, a ring doorbell, and the two stick up cams. The stick up cams seem to work when triggered by motion and I can see a real-time video feed if I answer the notification. The doorbell works fine and will instantly show live feed when I access it in the app. If I try live view for either stick cam I just see the spinning blue circle and either nothing happens or sometimes a video clip appears as processing several minutes later. My Wifi connection is strong (300+ down 35+ up) and tested as well connected with device RSSIs at -33 and -52 (for what it’s worth the doorbell is further from Wifi with worse RSSI but works fine). I’ve tried to access this from 5 separate devices with the same results.

Things I’ve tried that didn’t work:

Bringing cameras close to base station

reseting Wifi

removing and adding devices from system

attempting to use rapid ring app instead

turn off Wifi and attempt to use on LTE (iPhone 11)

turning off Bluetooth on devices

unplugging other Wifi devices in house

I called tech support a couple of days ago and they reset something that made it work perfectly for two days but I’m now back to the same problem. Really getting frustrated.


Thank you for sharing your experience with us @Meeples! Also, excellent work covering all those steps. With this concern being intermittent or inconsistent in when it occurs, checking connection is the best approach. Intermittent connection to live view is often an indicator of a fluctuation in resources. Some variables that fluctuate by nature are wifi, mobile device connection, and power (battery).

Having an optimal battery level will, of course, ensure that your device is connecting the quickest it is able to. Testing on wifi only, and cellular data only, was a great step to take and is recommended to try periodically in order to observe differences in results depending on where you are or how you are connecting.

As the network speed package and signal strength sounds sufficient, and your Video Doorbell is connecting just fine, this is the last variable to check. If you find yourself needing to check your network further, your best next step would be checking router settings and your ability to stream on multiple devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Your problem is Spot on. And the reaction of the Ring emloye is so dissapointing :frowning: there is fundamentally something wrong with live view and the stickup cam. Especially is you do not turn on record motion and the movement signals. If you turn on both it might work fine.
I went through lots of minutes checking everything from router to network to camera settings while my ring doorbell, all my nest protects, 3 ipads, laptops and phones work as a charm. In the end they said that the camera itself was defective and even send me e new one.
When installed… Live view didn’t work. Dear ring people: there is something wrong with live view, not with your userbase…


Hi have exactly the same problem. First had it on stick up battery and now it’s also on stick up cam plugin. Live view just doesn’t work properly. My ring doorbell and spotlight cams are all fine. This is definitely a ring problem, not wifi. Please fix ring!!


Hey neighbors! If you are able to receive motion events as intended but live view will not trigger from within the app, please check that your mobile device is up to date as well as the Ring app. We always value our neighbors’ feedback and will definitely be sharing these details with our team for further investigation. Feel free to share any further observations you have, as well as reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Phone is up to date. Cams are brand new. Ring app is up to date. Internet connectivity is fine. Live view still doesn’t work. Even motion sensing is intermittent. Ring doorbell which is further away from the router works fine.


Yep, my phone is updated too. Whatever is wrong has to be a problem with the camera. I’ve tried everything and tech support just tells me to try things I’ve already done a dozen times. As I said, I’ve been elevated to some advanced tech support in the past which can fix the problem instantly for a couple of days. Makes me think Ring must know something is wrong. In the meantime I wouldn’t recommend this system to anyone as it’s been very frustrating.


Dear Community Manager,

Could you please read what we are typing and stop giving such disappointing clues which seem to make your neighbours the problem again?

I spent dozens of minutes with your helpdesk on the phone and they let me reset EVERYTHING in my house and nothing worked. WHILE my RING DOORBELL works fine, and my GOOGLE NEST protects work fine and all other devices also. I have a job in the ICT, i know what i am doing.

Everything with the stickup cam works fine. But if you open the app, press live view, it wont load. It just wont connect. Not even from within the wifi network, but also not with 4G. YOU GUYS SEND ME a NEW ONE! So all your technical engineers could not solve the problem and assured me it would be the hardware. The new one had Exactly the same problem. And the weird thing is… really sometimes… the live view works fine…

So it is not impossible to work, but just usually does not. Please give us no clues on settings or our network or anything, then just let this thread blead…

Greetings from the Netherlands.


It’s not your camera. Its a firmware issue. I have had the EXACT same problem with my RING Stick Up Cam. I went as far as to return and exchange it for another. Same result.

RING needs to get there act together and FIX this once and for all.


My firmware is up to date. I don’t have any issues with my stickup cam. I go straight to live view on my wifi or mobile within 6 seconds. Shouldn’t be firmware unless different countries have different versions. I’m in the US.

I am in The Netherlands.

And there really is a problem.

The weird thing is - and why it is incredibly hard to solve for Ring - that it is not consistent.

This weekend i was away from home and live view dit not work, not over Wifi and not over 4G. Yesterday i was at home and while logged in onto the same WIFI network i did not get the live view to work either when i tried once again. I changed nothing and right now i am at work and over 4G the live view connects like there is no issue at all.

I work in IT and know the hardest problems are those which are not consistent. Where to start how to figure out what is wrong. I have no clue, but meanwhile we have a defective live view…


I am just so glad I am not the only one seeing this same thing. RING needs to get this fixed.


Agreed to all of the above, this is a serious flaw. We are having the same problem as above. Not happy.


Same exact problem here. 2 stickup cams, brand new, quit working. Ring doorbell works just fine. Its not my freaking WIFI, its not my internet, its the cameras. BOTH Stick up cams stopped working at the exact same time. Everything else I have works like it should. Get off the script ring!!! If its a firmware bug then tell us and make it so we can roll back. Enough already!


Mine has been messed up for a month now. I called support once. The agent was kind and helpful but what the hell is wrong here. It keeps happening and I did not buy this thing to have to be constantly working on it to have it work properly.

Starting to feel like it was a mistake to trust this brand.

I don’t really want to have to return it and switch brands. I sure hope Ring sorts this out because I am getting sick of messing with this stuff.


A packet carpture using wireshark is a good place to start. If your problem is similar to mine, the cameras are still online and connected to the network. Its the software that is causing the problem. The more evidence we can put in front of Ring to make this undeniable the better.

Live view on Ring doorbell and battery cam worked perfect for 2 months. On the battery operated cam live view stopped working although camera is recording. Greetz from the Netherlands

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Same problem here.
I also have 2 new stickup cams, and also 3 wireless spotlight cam and a doorbell. While the doorbell and the spotlight cams are working fine, I can’t connect to the stickup cams. This if very frustrating because I’m from home this month, so not easy to do some resets. I’m also in IT so please don’t come back with all the standard answers because that’s already covered. What I do notice is that sometimes, though I don’t get a connection through to my phone, it does record 30 seconds which I’m able to watch back. Also, when I left, it did work. Please fix this firmware because this is not what I paid for!


I get an email now to be sure to work with updated software.

Im not able to update the software on the stick up cam and keep stuck on firmware cam-1.4.15200
I already did a full re install, removed battery. And used reset button.
Wifi reception is ok.