Live view not working on my phone but working on my wifes..

Wondering why the live view feature isnt working on my android device but works perfectly on my wifes exact same android device? Guessing there is an android setting I have wrong… any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks in advance

Hi @CSkiel. It’s possible that any bluetooth devices could be affecting the Live View from loading. I recommend to turn off all bluetooth devices, and attempt to load the Live View. You can try loading the Live View with your wifi off or on; as long as you have cellular data on as your backup. Please attach a screenshot of what happens when you attempt to load the Live View if this persists! You can learn more about this concern in our Community Post here.

There are no bluetooth devices running and still doesnt work with mobile data… it does however work with the wifi on…

@CSkiel You could always delete your Ring app and redownload your app to see if this improves the experience. I would recommend to make sure you have wifi on when you are trying to load the Live View!

Thanks… I guess I’ll seek an answer elsewhere… I have deleted the app 3 times and nothing changed… I appreciate your recommendation to use the wifi… however I spend several hours per day away from home and out of range of any wifi… again it makes no sense that my wife and I have the exact same phones and live functions on both mobile and wifi on her phone… and only wifi on mine…

Maybe I can help. What make and model of phones do you have? And what have you tried so far with the phone that can’t connect to the live view?

Galaxy S10… I’ve tried uninstalling the app several times… when I get notifications I cant pull up the live view or communicate through the doorbell using mobile data… however if I connect to the wifi it works perfect… my wife has the same phone and has zero problems, I’m sure it is a phone setting… just dont know where to start!

I just read on another thread that someone fixed their issue with the same phone. They went into the settings and reset network. This will possibly remove all the saved connections to WiFi. But this issue seems to have happened because of the update these phones received recently and the fix was posted on a site detailing the update issues. I’ll post it here in a minute, just have to find it.

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This was from another community members post.
I was going step-by-step through this page […] when I got to solution #3 - RESET NETWORK SETTINGS.

This fixed all my connection issues while on mobile data. Hope it helps you, too.

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