Live view not working on mobile data in app but does via Alexa

Recently purchased the Ring Pro 2 which has been great, but I have an issue that I cannot work out after a lot of troubleshooting. Live view works via the app when connected to Wi-Fi but not when I’m using mobile data on my phone but it does work using mobile data if I access it using the Alexa app skill, strangely live view on mobile data does work on my wife’s phone as a ‘shared user’ so the stream is definitely accessible remotely but for some reason not via my Ring app.

I’m using IOS and the app does have access to network, mobile data etc

Any ideas as to what could be blocking it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @SiMoore. I’d recommend making sure the Ring App and your phone’s OS are fully updated. Since Live View works via mobile data on other devices, including your wife’s phone, it sounds like it is only affecting your phone. If you haven’t already, try testing the Rapid Ring App on your phone with mobile data and also with wifi to see if it works.

Thanks Caitlyn, so came to the conclusion that it must be my phone but still having issues although I did make it better as I found my mobile data was on ‘low data mode’ which I’ve since changed but it’s still not perfect. However, after using Rapid Ring App that works everytime on mobile data, the question now is, why? Why is there a separate app to solve a ‘live-view’ issue/challenge and why can’t this be integrated into the main app. Does it connect using different/less ports, trying to figure out why Rapid Ring works every time whereas the main Ring app live-view doesn’t so if I can work that out I could make changes to either my home network or phone to make it slicker.


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The Rapid Ring app is designed to be quick for accessing live view. The smaller size of the app allows for optimal mobile device processing and is dedicated to connection to the video stream. Differences can vary by mobile device, but could be carrier streaming capabilities, cellular tower connection, processing, and other factors. :slight_smile:

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