Live view not working on iPhone for owner account

Live view is not working for my owner account on iPhone. It does work on Android. Live view only works on iPhone for shared accounts. I tried W different iPhones and live view works on both for the shared accounts but not for the owner account. There was an IOS update last week and I think it started after that update.

Hi @jtmcgarry. First, make sure that the iPhone is using the latest IOS and Ring app version. Next, make sure all permissions are enabled. If there is a VPN on the iPhone, disable it. Try the Live View with wifi only and with cellular data only to see if one works better than the other. Lastly, download the Rapid Ring app. It’s an app that is used specifically for Live View and many neighbors have had great success with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I already did all that except the ring rapid app. Why would it work for the shared account on 2 different iPhones but not for the owner account on the same 2 iPhones? Because it’s not the phone, it’s the app!

I installed Rapid Ring app and now it works. How quaint. Thanks for your help.

Hi @jtmcgarry. It’s tough to say what could be the cause, as there are many variables to consider, but it’s most likely something to do with the settings. Nonetheless, I’m glad you are able to Live View now!