Live view not working on cameras

So we just switched from AT&T last week to Xfinity and since then our doorbell camera and garage camera will not show a live feed. They get notifications for movement but will time out if we try and get the live view. I talked with customer service yesterday and we reset all the devices together on the phone but then again a couple hours after, the live view stopped working. I ran the internet test and that is working great. All the cameras are getting good signal per the app and the customer service ladies. I’ve logged out of my app and tried updates. Anyone have any tips or tricks? Because if we can’t get it figured out we will have to cancel our service :frowning: Thank you!

@Bsegura Was your Xfinity Wifi device placed in the same spot as your AT&T Wifi device? Did they provide the Wifi router or are you using your own? I noticed too that if the devices have a weaker signal we too get a notification of movement - but then when we go to live view it doesn’t work. Also make sure you get the latest Xfinity Wifi device that has more radio power - sometimes they give you their low end wifi device.

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Having the same problem and I have Xfinity as well. :expressionless: Yet another downfall of Comcast.