Live view not working, new battery fully charged, app says battery green, device health says replace battery, keeps going offline

I’ve never had any issues with my ring doorbell 2 until this past couple of weeks. One minute it’s online with battery at 100% and then next minute it’s offline or live view not working saying the battery needs changing. This literally happens minutes apart. I brought a new battery and fully charged it but the issue continues. I’ve performed resets, reconnected to Wi-Fi, rebooted Wi-Fi but it still keeps happening. Please can someone help?

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I have exactly the same situation and same problem.

Doorbell has worked fine for years, now it randomly fails to show live view and says “add a battery”. Not low battery, but add a battery.

Maybe Ring has broken it with a software update. It would be really helpful to get a response from Ring about this issue which I’m sure is affecting quite a few people.

Does anyone know how to get in contact with them? Or has any other user spoken to support about this?

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