Live View Not Working iOS 15.0.2

Live view is not working for my Ring Doorbell 2 or Spotlight camera using iPhone and iPad both using iOS 15.0.2. When I try to open live view I get a message stating “could not open live view. Try again.” Tried contacting Ring via chat but after a lengthy chat was told to contact technical support. Called technical support but the wait time was in excess of 20 minutes. You’d think that Ring would test their app with new versions of iOS to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Hope they fix it soon. I am a paid subscriber and am NOT happy.

Hi @Osugrad85. Live View not working could be due to various different reasons, but you can find a list of troubleshooting tips and tricks in our Community Post on Live View here. You can also find more help in our Help Center Article here, in addition to ensuring both the Ring App and your device’s OS are fully updated. Make sure any VPNs you have are disabled as well, as this can impact the Ring App’s functionality. I hope these additional resources help, and feel free to follow up with our support team if these concerns persist. Let them know you’ve reached out about this before so they can take a closer look.

Hi @Osugrad85, I’m also dealing with this same issue with a video doorbell 2. My ethernet connected stick up cam works fine. Does your live view work from the ring website? Mine does. It seems to be specific to iOS 15.0.2 devices. I recommend opening a ticket with them. I have a ticket open and they are still trying to figure out what the issue is. There are similar posts that have been popping up here over the last week.


Same issue for me since iOS 15 update… other devices working fine

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I have same problem . I just find it out in hollowing night when I couldn’t see the kids

Same here. Live view works everywhere except for iOS 15 and above. I am currently on 15.4.1, the most-recent version as I’m posting this.

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I am having the same issue. My ring has not shown any live feed since Friday 4/1/22

I have a Doorbell 2020.

While using iPhone 13 pro max on Ios 15.4.1 Live View doesn’t work its just black with mic and speaker controls available but ipad pro on 15.3.1 Live View works every time so this can not be my wifi.

This has to be related to ios version?

When I installed it Live View was working for a few months then its just black so maybe ios updates killed it?

Live View not working on all 3 of my Gen 3 Stick Up Cams. Recently worked and then just stopped…now never comes on. Zip, zero, zilch. Using iPhone Ring app. Live View will work with the Rapid Ring app but not the actual Ring app.

Seems to be a pattern that with the latest iOS updates it caused this feature to break.
Everyone in this thread and anyone reading this should report the issue to Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help).
Posting here isn’t going to get the issue fixed until enough people report it to Support.