Live view not working. Everything else does

I did try to install this version but its still not working… Kindly let me know if there is any help???

So I was a bit frustrated too. My older Ring front doorbell is hardwired and and the “live view” works on both cellular data (my iPhone’s cellular data when away from home) and at home on my WiFi router’s signal; however, my Ring Stickup Cam’s “live view” (operating off a battery) will NOT work using cellular data (i.e. -when I’m away from home) and will only work while I’m at home through my WiFi router’s signal. This is VERY frustrating because this means I can only see a “live view” through my front doorbell when away from home and not my Stickup Cam (monitoring the backyard) when I’m away from home. I tried quite a number of “fixes” and the issue appears to be within the Ring app itself. This will need to be corrected in future updates for the Ring app. The only solution I found was one suggested earlier which involved downloading and using the “Rapid Ring” app. This particular app from Ring worked perfectly using cellular data (while I was away from home) on both the front doorbell and my Stickup Cam. Hopefully, Ring will find whatever works correctly in the “Rapid Ring” app and apply it correctly to the regular “Ring” app.

I’ve had the same problems (Live View only works sporadically) since I installed the Ring Doorbell (2020 Release) many months ago. Today it looks like I I may have found a solution. Per the Ring Website, per the 2020 Release model I know that my doorbell only works with the 2.4 GHz band. I also found in the Ring website the suggestion on switching to the less busy channels 1, 6, or 11, although I had no idea of what that meant. Went to my Router(Dlink Dir 890-L)'s interface and under “Wireless” I disabled “Smart Connect”. Under “2.4GHz/WiFi Channel” I chose Channel 6, and clicked on “Save”. Since then (fingers crossed) I’ve experienced immediate access to Live View.

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I’ve tested and am convinced its the app. My issue is that live view is not working on wifi. cellular works.

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