Live view not working. Everything else does

I did try to install this version but its still not working… Kindly let me know if there is any help???

So I was a bit frustrated too. My older Ring front doorbell is hardwired and and the “live view” works on both cellular data (my iPhone’s cellular data when away from home) and at home on my WiFi router’s signal; however, my Ring Stickup Cam’s “live view” (operating off a battery) will NOT work using cellular data (i.e. -when I’m away from home) and will only work while I’m at home through my WiFi router’s signal. This is VERY frustrating because this means I can only see a “live view” through my front doorbell when away from home and not my Stickup Cam (monitoring the backyard) when I’m away from home. I tried quite a number of “fixes” and the issue appears to be within the Ring app itself. This will need to be corrected in future updates for the Ring app. The only solution I found was one suggested earlier which involved downloading and using the “Rapid Ring” app. This particular app from Ring worked perfectly using cellular data (while I was away from home) on both the front doorbell and my Stickup Cam. Hopefully, Ring will find whatever works correctly in the “Rapid Ring” app and apply it correctly to the regular “Ring” app.

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I’ve had the same problems (Live View only works sporadically) since I installed the Ring Doorbell (2020 Release) many months ago. Today it looks like I I may have found a solution. Per the Ring Website, per the 2020 Release model I know that my doorbell only works with the 2.4 GHz band. I also found in the Ring website the suggestion on switching to the less busy channels 1, 6, or 11, although I had no idea of what that meant. Went to my Router(Dlink Dir 890-L)'s interface and under “Wireless” I disabled “Smart Connect”. Under “2.4GHz/WiFi Channel” I chose Channel 6, and clicked on “Save”. Since then (fingers crossed) I’ve experienced immediate access to Live View.

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I’ve tested and am convinced its the app. My issue is that live view is not working on wifi. cellular works.

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im having the same issue. our ring app works for old doorbell and our home. we just purchased a cabin, new doorbell is on wifi (no connections issues), all is set up the same except i cant view live. we can see snapshots but we get a black screen and the loading circle but live never shows up. ive done all the above.

I am having the same issues with a newly installed Ring camera. The live view does not connect while away from home on my phone (S8). I tried shutting off my WiFi connection and I then was able to connect to live view using cellular data only. Turned WiFi back on and live view did not work again.
This is not that helpful if every time I am away from home I have to turn WiFi off every time if I want to check live view. This is our first Ring device and I am not that impressed. May have to look into other camera options.

Hi neighbors! We have this Community post here that covers additional steps to try when a Ring device’s Live View is not working correctly. Also, keeping the wifi off on your phone when away from home is a good step to take as other locations could have public wifi networks or hotspots that your phone could be trying to connect to, thus slowing down connectivity on your phone. This then leads to the Ring app slowing down. I hope this helps!

I am connected to my wifi at work on a secure network and I cannot get Live View. Why does Live View not work on wifi unless you are at location where Ring camera is set up and connected to the same wifi? Shutting off my wifi should not be the answer or recommendation. I have tried other steps and still same problem.

I was having a similar problem with my front doorbell and living room live view. After some trouble shooting steps, I was nowhere. According to the app all of my devices were up to date and working as they should. In my home all of my devices are linked to my alarm base station (which also showed up to date). On a hunch I rebooted the base station through the app. As soon as it restarted it said it needed multiple updates. After the updates completed all my cameras started working like normal.

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I installed my Ring 4 over the weekend. All good. Then went to work. No Live feed until I disabled my WiFi company connection.

Hi @OzTheCat. It sounds like there may be some settings in your work’s wifi network that could block or prevent you from accessing the Live View on your Ring devices. You could try to speak with someone at your work about the wifi if that option is available, or use cellular data instead when you’re there.

I agree iwth other users. “Don’t use wifi” or “don’t use VPN” cannot be the answer. All other video chat apps work with wifi or VPN, so should Ring

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Hi @shawn_community. The Ring app does work with wifi. However, some neighbors report that they cannot use the Ring app or certain features when connected to their work wifi network, indicating that there could be firewall or security settings in place that impact the Ring app from working. As for VPNs, the Ring app is not compatible with VPNs. You can find our response to VPNs and the Ring app here.

I can get live view on my phone using the app, but not on my computer using the browser. Both are using the same WIFI connection. I hate ring, but needed something while we were away. I’ll likely have to fix it next summer by getting something else that works.

SOLVED!!! AT LEAST FOR ME :slight_smile:

I had the same issue and no one could solve it, my signal was great, everything online but the cameras kept giving me an error, when going into live view, on all my cameras. I contacted support, and they told me… reset router blah blah blah… but i knew that wasn’t the case, also my cameras are in locations that are not easy to get to, so i was going through the settings and found the ring edge settings because we have an SD card in our ring pro base station, so it will record locally, then i switched that setting off… and boom all my cameras starting working perfectly again. tested all the cameras, then i switched the ring edge again back on, now everything is back to normal… fully functional… i guess by just resetting the ring edge it made my cameras live view start working again… if it happens again… i’ll just have to stick to using cloud storage instead of ring edge local storage. but for now everything is working again by just switching that little toggle button off and On. Note:“I tested live view then switched back on the ring edge”. I will keep monitoring the situation, hopefully it doesn’t happen again because i like the idea of ring edge.

Ring Support… this feels like a MNF episode of, Come On Man!!! Y’all should know this Man!!

Well that’s my story, and i’m sticking to it!!

Well here’s a weird one. Stumbled across this “Live View not working” thread when 1 of my 4 cams refused to go to live view on my app in iOS. Three of my cams have no problem going on live. These are: Peephole Cam (battery), Stickup Cam (wired), and Video Doorbell (battery). Today I noticed my Spotlight Cam Pro (wired) will NOT go into live view via the Ring app whatsoever, where it had previously done so without issue. On my desktop - no problem - Live View works just fine. I’m baffled because based on the above, that rules out my router (all RSS signal strengths are good on all 4 cameras), as well as my Spotlight Cam Pro itself (since desktop version goes live view just fine for that specific cam). That only leaves my phone as the possible culprit however, 3 out 4 cams have no issue going into live view (all cams are on the same app, on the same phone). My issues seem to have started since the latest Ring app update on 12/13/22. I’d try giving costumer support a call but, a politely as I can say this, communication barriers abound.

Just fixed it delete your express VPN and the problem is fix
Good luck

VPN ExpressVPN Lightway




To configure the settings for “ExpressVPN Lightway”, use the “ExpressVPN” application.

Connect On Demand

Delete VPN

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This apparently is an ongoing problem. My Ring doorbell cam stopped recording occasionally about a month ago. Now it does not record motion video at all. My Stickup cam works great motion and live video. The doorbell does live video very well however will not process motion videos. Tried everything but replacing the doorbell.

I’m having exactly the same issue and Googling brought me to this topic, but none of the suggestions shown have helped.

I have a Samsung S21 and live view used to work but now I get a blank (black) screen on my mobile, regardless of using wifi or not. works fine and live view works on my wife’s Samsung Galaxy A53, so this is NOT a router/doorbell issue.

Through pure luck, while playing with the app, I noticed that when I enter live view and get a full blank screen, if I then click on the square at the bottom right, this changes the view to landscape and live view works. I can then click on the x in the landscape view, which takes it to full screen portrait and this now works. Also, reducing the screen image by clicking on the two arrows also causes live view to be displayed. Exiting live view and re-entering and the same thing - blank screen until I change the orientation or size of the image, after which it is fine.

While this is a way around the issue of live view showing an initial blank screen, this appears to show a problem with the app, which Ring need to resolve.

Come on Ring, a lot of people are reporting issues, but it feels like you are not listening.

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I’m having the same issue. I can’t connect to live view for either of my ring cameras with my Galaxy S10+.

Motion detection and recording works fine and the Live view on the website and my Echo show all work.

Must be an app issue, please advise.