Live View not working - Battery

Hi, I have been using Ring for about 4 years and have a wired spotlight cam on the front of the house.

I have tried several wifi based cams at the back of the house but decided i wanted to stay with Ring so the other week I purchased a Ring Spotlight Cam (Battery), i have connected it to my network and the motion and sensor seems to work, but the live view does not.

I have tried connecting it to both the router directly and to an extended, both in situ in the garden and within meters of the router/extender and I’m having no luck. The motion sensor and spotlight continues to work but again no live view.

The wired Spotlight cam works with no issues, live view pops up and works as it should.

Are there any suggestions?

Hi: Your battery spotlight cam should have plenty of wifi signal strength right next to your router but have you checked RSSI signal under Device Health anyway? Ignore the negative sign and the lower the number the better. It should be 65 or lower, and 40 or lower is optimal. Also, have you checked you have the latest Ring app (check app store) and also latest firmare on your phone? Finally, try the Rapid Ring app (designed exclusively to rapidly turn on Live View) to see if Live View is even working.

Thanks for your reply, I’ve tried it on both phone and tablet both with latest firmware and have also downloaded the Rapid Ring app to give that a go. I have also tried the ring app on a PC and laptop and well as the dashboard on the site. Its recording motion but no t recording the video to go with it and live view says establishing connection then it it says live view ending.

Happy to try and help. Have you checked RSSI level under Device Health? Not sure what else to do other than reset everything by pushing the button on top of the camera.