Live View not working- battery operated Doorbell 2

I have multiple ring cameras, live view working on my iPhone app on all others except the doorbell view. The live view is working on my spouses iPhone.

I have deleted and re-installed the app, re-connected the doorbell device. It’s not a internet speed issue, I have 1 GB service and router is 2 feet away from doorbell unit.

Everything and every other camera’s live view works except the doorbell. And it works fine on spouses iPhone.

Not sure what to do from here .

What is the RSSI value? Does the device notify and then record motion if you wave your hand in front of the camera or just walk up to it?

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I’m having same issue with Ring doorbell. Live view works on Android for all accounts. On iPhone it only works for shared (guest) accounts. I suspect the recent iOS update is the culprit.