Live View not working android 13

I have a new wired ring doorbell pro, installed and setup no problem, I can access everything from the app apart from live view on mobile data so I cannot answer when I get the notification saying the bell has been pressed, Samsung S22 ultra android 13 latest ring app 3.55.1 it works fine on my wife’s phone hers is Samsung S10 android 12 same app version, stating to think I need to send it back and try another make of bell, as not fit for the intended purpose, any ideas??

Hi @Plivsey69. Given that the Live View works on your wife’s phone, this narrows down the cause of the issue to either your phone or the mobile data connection. Are you able to access Live View in the Ring app if your phone is connected to wifi rather than mobile data? Does the Live View on your wife’s phone work on both wifi and mobile data? What type of mobile data do you have on your phone, and what type is on your wife’s phone? Having more information will help us try to determine what could be impacting the Live View on your phone.