Live view not reconnecting

We have the ring wired camera 4 of them and the front door with battery . We notice yesterday when the ring app was updated it changes the live view from reconnecting once when live was already open. Now the live view shows the live ends and also telling you to tap for the live without automatically turning live on with every motion. This wasn’t like that before the live would reconnect whenever someone or something comes on the property and open so you could see the person or whom is on your property. Now you have to tap to see what’s happening every time doesn’t make sense and defeats the purpose of wanting your live view on all the time. The new update showing the rich notification of a person or thing is good but having the live reconnecting by itself to see the person/thing makes more sense.

Since the last update I can’t see the live view on any of my cameras. Very frustrating.


What’s going on with this?

Similar situation. My ring is up and down for past three days. Missing a lot monitions and events. Live vision works only two/three times.

What is going on!!