Live view not opening with BT Whole Home

I have purchased a Ring 3 doorbell. I have BT Whole Home mesh wifi with 3 nodes and have re-sited one to give Max signal strength to the Ring. It has successfully connected and records movement. My problem is that I cannot connect to live view. Live view works immediately after a motion event has recorded but once the ring goes to sleep again live view will not waken it. I have gone into the BT settings and switched off steering but that does not help. I have gigabit internet and wifi signal strength is excellent.

Excellent work checking on your wifi variables, @NickR! With signal being sufficient, and you having high speeds/ bandwidth, live view should certainly work. Check out our help center article about ports and protocols to see if these network factors might help. Besides network, mobile device variables are always good to check. Feel free to confirm what mobile device type is being used here, as well as ensure there is not a vpn enabled.

I am using an android phone, an ipad and my PC which is connected by ethernet. Live view works if I disable wifi on my phone and connect via the cellular network. My BT whole Home mesh system operates two networks - the main one and a guest network. I currently have the ring connected to the main wifi. Is it worth trying it on the guest network that nothing else is connected to?

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I have tried switching off my firewall temporarily and live view still does not work. Does Ring 3 work with Mesh networks?

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Thank you for the quick response, @NickR! As you mentioned live view working when switching wifi off on the mobile device, this may very well be a culprit of the mobile device used, or factors related to such. The PC on ethernet is great, however, computers can present many more unknown variables than a mobile device, so let’s get it working on mobile primarily. Switching between wifi connection and cellular data is a great way to test these connections. I recommend also installing the Rapid Ring app, and testing live view there. The Rapid Ring app is much less robust than the core Ring app, thus processing live view is/ should be quicker by design.

As for the network/ wifi configuration, I believe your network is just fine, however, trying out the guest network can be a great step to rule out channel option differences, encryption types, and other settings that might exist on a primary network. To note, most often when network settings are an issue the common side effect is video never connecting, rather than intermittent connection. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I have fixed the problem!! The latest Android app update has broken live view, but you can uninstall the latest update and install an older version of the app by going here and download the Android install file for the older version (3.35.1):