Live View Not Loading, Events Not Being Recorded

I have the Ring video doorbell 1 and it was working great for a couple of months, then it stopped loading the live view completely and now it is also not registering event history.

I have checked all my Wifi and connection status as well as device health, I checked my Wifi channel and I am the only device on the network so it is not congested.

there is not a data issue because I am trying to view whilst I am connected to Wifi on my iPhone XS Max, also tried to view on my iPad and on my partners iPhone.

I have contacted customer service and help multiple times over email and didn’t get anywhere other than the standard reset device and checking the connection (which i had already done multiple times)

I don’t know what else to try? I am still paying for my Device plan and for nothing!

Please someone help, I will try anything to get it to work :cry:

Thank you <3

Hey @NaomiHatem, happy to chime in and offer some help here! What happens when you try to access the Live View, do you receive an error message or does it time out? Also, what is the RSSI from your Device Health screen? Once I have some more information, I can suggest some troubleshooting steps to get this resolved. :slight_smile: